The Church In Columbus Wisconsin


My name is Terry Fischer. I am the pastor of the Church in Wisconsin, which is located in Muskego, WI and also pastor of the Church in Wisconsin / Columbus, which of course is in Columbus WI. Thank you for checking out our website to see who we are and the passion we have to see the Lord glorified through His church in this closing hour.


I was born again in 1983 at the age of 27 years old. I wasn’t saved very long when I started to ask, “Where is this unity and power that I read about in the bible, in the present day church?” It was clear through the constant reading of my Bible that we, as a church, were a long way off from the testimony the early church had. Though the desire to see the unity and power return to the church lay dormant in me for a season, it never left me.

It was back in the fall of 2006 that I had come to realize that the desire I had for unity and power to return was more than just a day dream, but it was vision from God. Real vision isn’t something that a person conceives and decides to do. Real vision from God is the desire and thoughts the Lord puts into the heart and mind of man. Vision that the Lord gives is something God through the Holy Spirit wants to do through His people in the present day that they live. In obedience to the vision the Lord gave me I started praying more and believing that God would do such a thing in our day. Along with that vision the Lord stirred me up to start searching out the remnant believers in my home state of Wisconsin. Remnant believers are really nothing more than true dedicated Christians who rise above the apathetic and undedicated church in our generation. They are the remaining Christians who have a deep love for truth and have not gone the way of the complacent, man centered or even carnal church. In every generation, God has had a remnant who have remained faithful to Him.

It was in 2011 when our church held the first, what we call, “Remnant Church Outreach (RCO).” What we do at a typical RCO meeting is rent a meeting room in whatever city in Wisconsin we feel the Lord would have us go to and preach revival messages to those who attend. On October 8, 2016, we held a one day meeting in the city of Portage, WI. It was there at this meeting we met a couple of believers who shared the same vision and longing for the church to return to the original Holy Spirit led and anointed vessel that she once was. They lived in another city named Columbus and they were definitely believers who were looking for a church that preaches the whole truth. In March of 2017 they contacted me and wanted to attend our church which is located in Muskego, WI which is well over 1 ½ hours away. We went out for lunch that first Sunday they attended and it was there our common vision became obvious and the suggestion to start a church in Columbus was brought up.


In May 13, 2017, we had our very first church service in Columbus at Mary Aski’s house. We have already baptized three new believers this year. Mary said to me one day, before we even had our first service in her house that “Jesus deserves a better church than we have given Him.” So it is our strongest desire to have a church that He does deserve. A church that Jesus will not be ashamed of. A church where the Holy Spirit leads, anoints and blesses.

There are so many different types of churches out there. Some offer this, some offer that. Some are loose on the commandments of God, some add more to the commandments of God. Some cater to man, some reject anyone who does not look like them. I visited a church one time that claims they have over 200 programs available for the people. If you are looking for Broadway productions, you can find it in a church. If you are looking for a concert, you can find it in a church. Some will even play some secular songs for you. If you are looking for a comedy night club act, you can find it in a church. If you are looking for the casual laid back atmosphere, you can find it in a church. If you are looking for the staunch, don’t crack a smile atmosphere, you can find it in a church. Pretty much anything you want in a church today you will find out there. One of the worst things of all is you can find a church, plenty of them that will water down, down play and even completely disregard the truth. There is one thing that it seems you will find very little of in churches today and that is an offer to take you deep in Christ. This is the desire of the church in Columbus. To raise up men and women of God who will impact their community. You don’t need an evangelism program when you have people like this. They are the program. The church is called to make disciples of all nations, not just produce converts. Of course you have to have converts before you can make a disciple out of them.

We need churches today that are full of the life of God. We need churches today that when people walk into them they walk into the powerful presence of God. We need churches today that will declare the WHOLE TRUTH. We need churches today where the Holy Spirit is the Chief Shepherd and the ministers and all the saints alike will submit to His leadership.

It doesn’t take much really, to have such a church. All that it takes is you, O Christian who is dead to your own ways and desires. All that it takes is for you to gather with other likeminded humble believers who come to love God and truth, glorify Him and love and edify the body of Christ. I have been a Christian and a pastor long enough to tell you, it is not a complicated thing to have a church that truly glorifies the Lord.



We are currently meeting at Mary Aski’s house. We meet a couple times a month on Saturday afternoon. If you are interested in attending, please call Mary at: 920-960-7446.


We are also holding some revival meetings Thursday February 22 thru Sunday February 25. The times of the meetings are 6:30 pm Thursday and Friday. 10 am and 6:30 pm Saturday and Sunday. The location is the Kestrel Ridge Golf Club at 900 Avalon Road in Columbus. It would be wonderful to see you there.