Our Pastor

About Pastor Terry Fischer

How I got saved

By the age of 27 years old, I had achieved more than my share of the American dream. I was happily married, my wife Joy and I had three healthy sons, we were living in our first home and I was running a construction business that I started that same year of 1983. I was God conscious much of my early life and quite often had a guilty conscience, thus that put me in the right frame of mind to make me susceptible to the gospel of Jesus Christ. August of that year I hired a man to work for me that lived just around the block. I met him about 3 ½ years earlier when we met on a picket line for the old tractor company Allis Chalmers. His name was Reed. The first day that he worked for me I asked him if there really was a Satan. I was reading the bible a little bit off and on. I was taught in my early Catholic days that the bible wasn’t really to be taken as 100 percent true. I did not understand it at that time, but the idea of the bible not being the whole truth left me disappointed. Anyway, Reed assured me that there really was a Satan just as the bible says. I think something happened to me that very day. I never cursed again from that day forward. Day after day Reed would minister those great truths from the bible to me. I ate it up, I believed the truth and I was set free in August of that year.

I had a problem however, my wife was not happy about this. I was already tithing and she was complaining to my best friend that I was giving all our money away. I guess ten percent is a lot to people that aren’t used to giving unto the Lord. We had a wonderful marriage, but after a few months into this Christian walk she said to me that this might lead to a divorce. Without hesitation I looked her right in the eyes and said “honey, do what you want but I am not going to hell for anyone.” It was not long after that when I went to bed one Friday evening and Joy was reading a book called the “The Cross and the Switchblade” by David Wilkerson. I woke up that Saturday morning and Joy was out in the kitchen doing dishes. As I walked by her and took one look at her, I knew something happened to her. I said, “you got saved last night didn’t you?” She was full of the joy of the Lord. We went on to be members of the church that Reed belonged too which was named Bay View Assembly of God. During those wonderful early years I had the wonderful privilege of leading several of my family and friends to the Lord.

My Call to the  Ministry

I was not in the church very long when I started to ask the question, Where is the power? I began to read and re-read the book of Acts while asking God to reveal to me how the church should really be. I did not realize it at that time that God was already working on my heart, stirring me and preparing me to go into the ministry. The call started to become more evident in my life around the mid “90’s.” One very powerful event in my life was when I went down to Beaumont, Texas in the spring of 1997 and heard a man preach by the name of B. H. Clendennen. My good pastor friend Dale Demary had invited me to go along with him and a few other brothers. B.H. Clendennen was holding a minister’s conference Tuesday through Friday the week before Easter. He preached Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and then again Wednesday evening. The first two messages were good but when he preached that Wednesday evening service he made the statement “we are to demonstrate that Christ is alive.” I was devastated, I immediately took to repentance. I was begging God to forgive me for not understanding what it means to be a Christian. I had a few personal revivals in the past but this one I never recovered from.

It wasn’t long after that, that I received a phone call from a pastor of a local Church of God (Cleveland, TN.). He invited me to come and lead his church in singing some hymns. I was currently the song leader at my church and I played the piano. He also said he would have me preach a message. So I took up his offer and went to his church on a Friday night in the spring of 1998. The following week he wanted to meet for lunch so we did. He offered me the opportunity to be mentored by him so I could be credentialed with the Church of God. I promised him I would seriously pray about it. I began to pray on this matter but after several weeks I had failed to sense any clear leading that I should go forward with the offer to enter the five fold ministry. I had a desire for the ministry but it seemed as if God did not give me the release to go forward in it. After this I called the pastor and with disappointment I told him I would not be accepting his offer. He respected my decision and we agreed that would still fellowship a little bit along the way. Well, I believe a few weeks went by and I was doing my usual morning bible reading and I came to I Chronicles 17. As I read the first eight verses God spoke powerfully to me. Here is what the scriptures say. “Now it came to pass, as David sat in his house, that David said to Nathan the prophet, Lo, I dwell in an house of cedars, but the ark of the covenant of the LORD remaineth under curtains. 2Then Nathan said unto David, Do all that is in thine heart; for God is with thee. 3And it came to pass the same night, that the word of God came to Nathan, saying, 4Go and tell David my servant, Thus saith the LORD, Thou shalt not build me an house to dwell in: 5For I have not dwelt in an house since the day that I brought up Israel unto this day; but have gone from tent to tent, and from one tabernacle to another. 6Wheresoever I have walked with all Israel, spake I a word to any of the judges of Israel, whom I commanded to feed my people, saying, Why have ye not built me an house of cedars? 7Now therefore thus shalt thou say unto my servant David, Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I took thee from the sheepcote, even from following the sheep, that thou shouldest be ruler over my people Israel: 8And I have been with thee whithersoever thou hast walked, and have cut off all thine enemies from before thee, and have made thee a name like the name of the great men that are in the earth.” When I read in verse 2 “do all that is in thine heart;” it was then I knew this was not Nathan talking to David but it was God talking to me. When I got to verse 8 I began to reflect on my 14 some years of serving the Lord and acknowledged all of God’s blessings in all the ways I have served Him. Then the Lord said that if I do this which is in my heart that He will bless me. I knew He meant spiritual blessing, to prosper in what I put my hands too. I called up the pastor again and told him what happened. On July 19, 1998 I joined his church and started my training for the ministry. On May 17, 1999 I received my credentials with the Church of God. I am grateful to pastor Ken Rosen for his encouragement to me to enter the ministry.

While under pastor Rosen’s training I was still ministering in different ways with my friend Dale Demary. He had started an independent church back in 1996. In the spring of 2001 I had made a decision for Joy and myself to start attending Dale’s church. I was given ample opportunity to preach and teach there, since Dale and his wife Nancy were in the process of trying to adopt some Romanian children. Not long after the adoption process was over, Dale and Nancy decided to move to upstate New York. So on January 27th 2002, Dale and the elders laid hands on me and ordained me as pastor of Living Waters Church.

Today I am still serving as pastor, but in January of 2008, I changed the name to THE CHURCH In Wisconsin. And yes, I am making a statement by using such a name. I am declaring that we are a church that truly holds to every page of the bible, and we are determined to see this great word of God lived out to its fullest in our present generation. Please come and join us if you desire to see a true move of the Holy Spirit in our generation.