What is the Church?

First we must understand that the church is not a thing. It is not a building with a cross on it that people go to on Sunday. The church is a gathering of people. So the better question is; who is the church

Who is the Church?

As we stated already, the church is an assembly of people, but more than just any old people; they are people that are born again, they are Christians, saints of God. The bible calls these people, “the body of Christ.” This means they are the visible representation of Christ here on earth. Jesus Christ is the head and the church makes up His body. When the church gathers together whether it is in a building or someone’s basement or out under an oak tree, Christ is present with them. Anyone that is not a Christian can assemble with these people but will not be a part of the church. The church is something you are born into, spiritually born, not something you can decide to partake of.