God moved on the hearts of men to pen our New Testament as well as our Old Testament scriptures. These writings, which are inspired of God, were given to us as a manual to teach us how to know God and how to live for Him. These scriptures alone are sufficient and intelligible enough for Christians to be able to read for themselves and then subject themselves to the discipline of fulfilling a life that pleases God.

Therefore we refrain from the common practice of establishing tenants or statements of faith and declare that the bible alone is our “Statement of Faith”.

We have set our hearts to live out the pages of this great Word of God.

The easiest way to determine what people believe is not so much by what they say or by what they write down, but by the way they live their life. This puts every Christian at a place of accountability to one another to prove what they say they are and love who they say they love.

Since God has already given us His word to live by, we will leave it at that and not try to define, add, or take anything away from it. If we claim to be a bible believing people, then let’s believe the bible.