Eyesalve: Don’t Cause More to be Written

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Then took Jeremiah another roll, and gave it to Baruch the scribe, the son of Neriah; who wrote therein from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the book which Jehoiakim king of Judah had burned in the fire: and there were added besides unto them many like words.” Jeremiah 36:32


Jehoiakim refused to heed the words of Jeremiah that were written on a scroll and he burned them. So Jeremiah gave Baruch another scroll to write down the words again, but this time, more words were added. You see, rules are for those who will not be ruled. Laws are for the lawless. The more you obey God, the more liberty you will feel. If you disobey God, the weightier the words of God are and more rules will be needed to constrain you.

Eyesalve: Members In Particular

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Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.” I Corinthians 12:27


As a pastor, I have a whole different approach to church membership then what is common today. In many churches today, you have to fill out an application of sorts and submit it for approval. You have to agree with the tenants of faith of that particular church and any other rules or guidelines they have established. When I am asked about being a member of the church that I pastor, I tell the one inquiring that they are a member when they say they are. What I mean by that is first, to be a member of any Christian church, you have to be born again. Once you are born again you instantly become a member of the body of Christ. So when a true believer attends our church and they determine that God is with us and they want to commit themselves to our fellowship of believers, then they are a member. Who am I to tell a member of the body of Christ that they are not a member? When many churches make others strive to be a member, I strive to remind them they are a member and help keep them participating as a member. Don’t forget, if you are born again, you too are a member of the body of Christ and you better take that serious.

Eyesalve: Don’t Cause Distress

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And the men of Israel were distressed that day, for Saul had placed the people under oath, saying, “Cursed is the man who eats any food until evening, before I have taken vengeance on my enemies.” So none of the people tasted food.” I Sam. 14:24


In the previous chapter we learned that Saul’s kingdom would not continue because he did a foolish thing. Many times it happens when ministers lose their anointing from God, they gravitate toward extreme religious rules. At the least appropriate time, Saul did that and called for a fast. Fasting is important, no doubt, when it is led of the Lord. It is apparent that he was not led of the Lord to do this. He attempted to compensate for losing God’s favor by impressing others with a false spiritual fervor. He did what the religious do, he “placed the people under oath.” All that this did was put the people in distress. Let it be that your commitment to God will promote in others a liberty with a greater desire for God, not a commitment to your rules that cause distress in others.

Eyesalve: There is Liberty #4

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“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” II Cor. 3:17

When we gather together in fellowship and lack liberty, we may blame it on the rules that the elders have put in place, or we may make statements like we are too religious around here. However, the only answer can be is that the Spirit of the Lord isn’t present. Of course where two or three meet in His name the Lord is there. People that are saved can get together and bring the Lord with them because God is in them, but if the Spirit’s presence isn’t the front-runner, if the Spirit isn’t given control of our lives and our gathering together, there will be a lack of liberty. The more we lack liberty the greater we will feel the bondage. Saints, make it your prayer that when you meet together with your local assembly that the Holy Spirit will have preeminence.