Eyesalve: Waiting With Expectancy

By August 11, 2015Eyesalve

“So that ye come behind in no gift; waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ:” I Cor. 1:7

The word “waiting” implies a waiting with expectancy. So with that in mind, there are those that believe in mid or post-trib rapture that say it is dangerous to believe in the pre-trib rapture because you will not be prepared for the persecution you will have to face in the seven year tribulation. But I say, how can a Christian be wrong by believing and being obedient to the word of God? If we are to wait with expectancy for the Lord’s return, then it only makes sense that I am going to believe He can come any moment. If I am supposed to eagerly await for Jesus to return, then I am not going to be looking for someone or something else first.

Terry Fischer

About Terry Fischer

Terry Fischer has been the Pastor of The Church in Wisconsin since January of 2002. He has a heart to see the remnant church experience a greater revelation of Christ and to minister to our generation with a demonstration of Spirit and power.