Eyesalve: Highways and Hedges

By April 6, 2016Eyesalve

And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Lk. 14:23


The Jews were invited to the supper, but they had other things to do that were more important. Then the poor, maimed, lame and blind (Gentiles) were invited to the supper, and yet there was more room. Then it comes down to our generation where there is one more call to the highways and hedges. Highway means road, it means to progress. So we see in this day how the world has progressed toward sin. It is getting more evil every day. Hedges means fence or barrier. Today we are seeing more people bound by sin, by their mind and false religion. God is sending His Spirit in this day to reach down into the lowest gutter and deepest filth and calling out to them who today can stop walking the road of sin and break free from their chains of bondage. HALLELUJAH!

Terry Fischer

About Terry Fischer

Terry Fischer has been the Pastor of The Church in Wisconsin since January of 2002. He has a heart to see the remnant church experience a greater revelation of Christ and to minister to our generation with a demonstration of Spirit and power.