Eyesalve: Provide A Temple

By August 3, 2016Eyesalve

Send me also cedar trees, fir trees, and algum trees, out of Lebanon: for I know that thy servants can skill to cut timber in Lebanon; and, behold, my servants shall be with thy servants, 9Even to prepare me timber in abundance: for the house which I am about to build shall be wonderful great.” II Chronicles 2:8-9


With great enthusiasm Solomon determined to build a temple unto God. It took thousands of men, cedar, fir and algum trees and a great amount of gold and other metals. Most, if not all of us could not build such a temple because we have not the money nor the man power. However, there is not one of us that can’t afford to provide a temple for the Holy Spirit. All He requires is you, whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, tall or short and male or female.

Terry Fischer

About Terry Fischer

Terry Fischer has been the Pastor of The Church in Wisconsin since January of 2002. He has a heart to see the remnant church experience a greater revelation of Christ and to minister to our generation with a demonstration of Spirit and power.